Open Source Platform for rich media content publishing.


The OpenVeo modules can manage the video recording system (Veobox), publish and broadcast the video content recorded in rich media video format, relying on streaming and hosting services of major platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Wowza...).



OpenVeo software are installed on your own servers. Our engineers support you for the integration and administration of the solution. .

In The Cloud

Flexible and without commitment, to enjoy the OpenVeo functionalities with no technical constraints.

The OpenVeo software modules

  • Module Core

    The Core module is the backbone of the software solution. It provides communication between the modules and manages user rights.

    Download OpenVeo Core at :

  • Module Publish

    The Publish module manages the catalog of videos recorded by the encoders. It manages the publication of these video contents on streaming platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Wowza) and builds the rich media web interface by relying on OpenVeo player.

    Download OpenVeo Publish at :

  • Module Player

    The OpenVeo player can play a video content, multi-source, indexed and synchronized with High Quality slides. It incorporates an HTML5 video player and can be easily integrated in your web portal

    Download OpenVeo Player at :

  • Module Plug-in

    The OpenVeo Plug-in modules offer integration for embedding the rich media content within third-part publishing platform (LMS, Web publishing platforms).

    Download OpenVeo Moodle plug-in module at :

  • Module Manage

    With OpenVeo Manage, you can easily control and supervise all your veobox encoders in a single web page.

    [Development ongoing]

  • Module Portal

    OpenVeo Portal is a video portal template organized in several categories, which provides a research feature.

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