Veo-labs products

for recording, publishing and managing rich media video content.



Produce rich media content for training and e-learning purposes (MOOC, serious game ..)

Automatic capture of training sessions for publishing in your Learning management system


Stream your conferences, convention, or assembly over Internet in attractive and efficient rich media format

Broadcast your internal event on your intranet


  • Lecture-Capture in MP4 format

    #MP4 format

    Use Veobox to record both PC & Video camera signals in MP4 file, and publish your contents through USB/FTP.

  • Point to Point(s) intranet streaming

    #Intranet Live

    Use Veobox to stream on your local network both PC & Video camera signals (room to room in unicast, or room to multi-rooms in multicast).

  • Live internet streaming

    #Internet live

    Stream both PC & Video camera signals to main streaming internet platform (Youtube, LiveStream, Twitch.TV, Wowza streaming cloud ...).

  • Lecture-Capture in rich media format

    #Rich media

    Use Veobox and OpenVeo for capturing and publishing indexed video with High-Quality slide synchronization. Use OpenVeo solution to manage your catalog of videos and your Web TV portal.

  • Multi-cam recording (simulation center)

    #Multi cam

    Use a set of Veobox and the OpenVeo multi-stream player to publish multi-camera / multi-angles video contents.