Veo-Labs Solutions

for education, corporate training, communication, events and healthcare

Education Solution

Veo-Labs solution for higher education allows :

1 - Producing scripted videos in regard to e-learning content  (MOOC, SPOC, tutorials)
2 - Capturing the lectures in Rich Media, thus allowing students to learn deeply certain points


Higher Education Solution Brochure

Corporate Solution

 Veo-­labs solution for corporate training and communication allows:  

1 - Producing scripted videos (MOOC, SPOC, tutorials) for e-learning programs 

2 - Growing corporate events attendance while reducing costs through live streaming

Corporate Solution Brochure

Healthcare Solution 

Simulation is now a very educational and safe way to promote the transfer of learning in hospitals.

Veo-Labs solution for heathcare provides the technical tools for:

        - Capturing and broadcasting live simulation sessions   

        - Simulation session playback, on demand, during the debriefing, and quich access to the sequences of interest.

Healthcare Solution Brochure