Compact dual input h.264 encoder to record and webcast a conference, a meeting or a training course over Internet

Simple and effective to produce and transmit HD A/V content

With its compact size, the same equipment can be either racked in a bay or in a specific case which includes micro & video camera, in a context of mobility.

Content is created automatically in real time, using any kind of multimedia sources (computer screen, microphone, video camera, professional camera, Ipad, visualizers ...).



Veobox is connected to Video Camera (HDMI -3G/SDI) and PC signals (HDMI/VGA). Recording can be started manually or scheduled and drived by an external system.


Key features

The encoding functions

Both PC and Camera video signals can be recorded alone or mixed according to different templates, in h.264 format. (Picture in Picture, Side by Side). Inlay logo can be performed on the video.

The streaming functions

Veobox can also be used for live streaming of the single or dual video format in 2 different ways : direct streaming over Intranet via RTP or live streaming on internet platform via RTMP (youtube, livestream, Wowza..).

The advanced features

Each slide change (PowerPoint or other) is detected by Veobox that triggers a JPEG capture and creates an index in the video.


Easy to manage

Management and configuration by a user-friendly and intuitive web interface (through LAN network or Wireless Veobox internal access point).

Can be controlled by usual education or corporate control systems.

Veo-Studio, The all in one video capture solution 

VeoStudio reduces cable connection and setup time. You can perform live video recording and streaming in a very simple and efficient way. It includes veobox, dual screens for video monitoring and a dedicated touch panel.


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