Publish your videos on the OpenVeo web player, for a better transmission of information

  • Store
    Each video is transferred by OpenVeo to the stream server to be ready to be broadcast and shared..
  • Publish
    Publish each video within the OpenVeo player, with the ability to display one or more video sources.
  • Enrich
    Enrich your content with chapters/tags, related documents (photos, PowerPoint slides, web resources...)

Centralize and share your videos in a controlled way

  • Control access to your videos
    Give roles to your users for adding or playing videos, in connection with your rights management system (CAS, LDAP...)
  • Share your videos on your e-Learning platform
    Add enriched videos to your e-learning content using OpenVeo communication modules (for Moodle..)
  • Publish your videos on the OpenVeo video portal

    Manage a video portal that presents all your videos and offers a multi-criteria search engine.
    It can be freely accessible or controlled, available on any type of terminal.

A hosting solution, adapted to your needs

OpenVeo Cloud

  • Your OpenVeo platform, dedicated to your organization on Veo-labs servers (OVH hosting)

Secure and backed up daily

Combined with a Vimeo Premium/Pro account for video streaming (Privacy of video streaming, multi-bitrate & multi streaming, unlimited bandwidth)

Online support (FAQs, tutorials, ticket management) and software update

OpenVeo on Premises

  • Your OpenVeo platform, installed on your servers (virtualized architecture recommended)

Combined with a Vimeo Premium/Pro account or a Wowza platform installed on your servers for video streaming

Online support (FAQs, tutorials, ticket management), software update and possibility of specific integration

Download Datasheet

Access OpenVeo demo platform